October Tour – Fruit, Hull!

After 4 hours sleep following our amazing London show at Barfly, we got up early, showered, got dressed and headed in the opposite direction from the night before, up to Hull in East Yorkshire!

Lesley-Marie’s Hull hometown shows are always great! We arrived early and chilled at Lesley-Marie’s parents’ house with jacket potatoes and traditional Hull ginger/treacle cake, yum yum!

She was like “knock knock”…… “Hi Dad….. the boys are here”. Hugs all round and six cups of tea in Musgraves mugs, it was a delight to be there!

We arrived at the Fruit venue and met Ian Rook, a local photographer who contacted us on Facebook. We took some light hearted shots backstage at the venue in their new (very old vintage) caravan! We look forward to getting them sent through, and will post the best up on Facebook.

It was raining outside, so the shoot outside was called off (thank god, coz it was brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!).

We were really excited to be playing with another Hullonian – ‘Sam Gray’ and his fabulous band! Sam used to play violin in the Hull Youth Orchestra when he was young (rivals of the East Riding Youth Orchestra which Lesley-Marie was a member of as a teenager). His set was great and we are now true mutual fans, and swapped albums and numbers.

Again, we saw some familiar faces, but also some new faces – pleasure to meet you all. Some fans grabbed posters from the venue and we signed them and took pics and had cuddles.

We played the whole album and did a special encore of ‘Fortune Teller’ too!

The rider backstage was the best we’ve had on this tour so far…. A special thanks goes to Howard the promoter who bought us a giant triple chocolate iced Millie’s Cookie, saying “Congratulations on the Album”. We also got a litre bottle of Jack Daniels, a wheeley bin of beers, a whole freezer of ice and a table-full of baps!

The journey home seemed to take aaaaaaaaaaaages after such a late finish. We were feeding our van driver with that KX energy drink and singing along to Motown and RnB hits of the 50’s/60’s to keep us all going.

This is another show that is high up on the ‘best ever list’ – it was a pleasure being back in the North of England in Hull and we hope to return soon.

Big thanks to Sam Gray and his band for lending Matthew a guitar string when his broke before our performance, also for their great performance!

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