October Tour – Camden London!

We always love going to London to perform and we looked forward to our Barfly show with excited anticipation as we piled into a new shiny van and embarked on our London adventure!

Barfly in Camden has been refurbished since we were last there, with a huge Jack Daniels mural in bright orange across the front of the building – our favourite drink!!!! After sound check we had a quick street photo shoot with Phil Scott (to be posted on FB when they’re edited!). We then (Phil too!) popped into The Monarch next door for spiced aubergine burgers and to try the new Honey JD – it was yum yum!!! A double on the rocks… plain and simple, but purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect.

The show was amazing, a full house, with so many familiar faces, but also a lot of new faces – all of whom had bought our album Thanks guys!

Lesley-Marie had a great chat with an Irish couple at the bar, and Matthew had a catch up with Francesca from our publishing company, big up the Imagem Massive!

We played the whole album plus our folky favourite ‘Don’t Stray’ and planned some exciting encores. Unfortunately, we weren’t told about the strict curfew so we didn’t get to play everything for you as the PA system was turned off before we could encore. A huge shame, but hopefully you understood that it was out of our control and you’ll forgive us!

We met some amazing people after the set. Matthew and Lesley-Marie got totally accosted as soon as they stepped off the stage for photos, mugs, autographs and hugs! It was so cool.

We signed a lot of album sleeves, and a lot of mugs. Everyone had a sharpie pen to hand.

Big shout out to the 5 people who came ALL THE WAY FROM PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to see us! WOW!

The show in Camden was the best London show we have ever played and it’s all down to you guys who came to watch and showed us the love. We can’t wait for our next visit to London, and hope we see you all again. We love meeting you all after shows!

Thank you to Kieran the promoter, and the beautiful Linn Oberg who supported us.

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