Big City Radio live – the interview that almost didn’t happen!

So it had finally arrived, the last date of our Autumn tour. All the travelling, late nights and sitting in vans was finally about to end, in our favourite city, our home town of BIRMINGHAM.

Being a local show, we all got to have a bit of a lie in, apart from Matthew who had to be up early to travel over to Birmingham from Wolverhampton by train.

Each tour date was paired with radio sessions, so we had our final radio interview at 12:30 with BCR – Big City Radio – based in Aston in the Midlands. We’d not been there before so decided to drive the short distance.

All was on schedule until Matthew texted with, “Youths have stolen overhead cables. I’m stuck on the train, stopped dead – don’t know when I’ll be there! 1220 earliest”


It was 12:10 and we needed to problem solve, considering this session was LIVE! The rest of the band decided to attend the session, leaving Matthew behind. Lesley-Marie called the radio station to warn them that lead singer Matthew would be missing. Darren the DJ suggested we do a phone interview instead. He was very understanding.

Lesley-Marie called the rest of the band, “Hold your horses boys, we can do it on the phone! I’m driving to your house now”

As she set off, Matthew texts again, “The train is moving!!! I’ll be at Birmingham New Street in 10min”

It’s 12:12 now, so Lesley-Marie rings the rest of the band again to tell them that she’s going to drive to New Street Station, sit in the car park, and wait for Matthew. If he doesn’t make it in time, she will chat to BCR herself, if he does, they’ll do it together.

The clock was ticking, and there was nowhere to park at outside the train station …… 12:26, 12:27……

Then Matthew is spotted in the rear view mirror, running… “Quick get in!!!”

Lesley-Marie hands him her mobile phone and speeds out of the car park, Matthew on the phone listening to a track play LIVE before the interview…..

2mins later, we spot a side street and pull into a parking bay, and with a sigh of relief, Darren says live on air, “Welcome, the MUSGRAVES!!!!!!!!”

We did the whole interview parked up in the centre of Birmingham, with only half the band, cramped in Lesley-Marie’s car, on loudspeaker on her HTC. Haha! Only us! But we made it. It was LIVE so you can’t ‘Listen Again’ unfortunately, but it was very funny.

After the 5min chat – we turned to each other – “’At least we’ve got something for the blog!” Haha.

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