We returned to Birmingham for our final tour date at the Ballroom’s ‘The Other Room’.

Always a favourite show of ours and we saw all those beloved familiar faces in the front row. Our Birmingham Street team and Facebook and Twitter gang!

It was amazing to see everyone singing along, and knowing all the words!

It was the first time we properly gigged the final track on our album ‘Seventeen Days’. Usually when we have played it, people haven’t really known it, and it’s been a bit too down tempo for our hand-clapping hit factory shorter sets, but this time we had over an hour on stage, so really treated you all to a full on show! To see you nodding along, cheering when we announced our next song and singing to Seventeen Days in particular was such a wonderful experience.

We slowed things down with a bonus track “Don’t Stray” which isn’t on our album, and did extended instrumentals and alternative endings for various other songs of ours – it was great fun!

We met a lovely couple beforehand, James and Pippa from Facebook, who’d come from Stourbridge to see us, and we gave them some mugs and signed them for them.

At the end we saw another of our fans, Helen, whose album we signed. It’s always tricky at the end of shows… one, security are usually chucking people out at curfew, and two, the band are packing away and networking with everyone, so to get us all together is tough. Lesley-Marie ran and rounded us all up especially for Helen, and then searched for Helen (who had had to leave the room by order of the bouncer) and grabbed her back inside the venue to get her album signed. You all mean so much to us we like to go that extra mile to make you feel just as special.

Finally, we had a quick chat with Sophie (Birmingham super-fan who always helps us out on Facebook!) and Fiona (who had come all the way from Bristol with the most adorable space-hopping kids – see Facebook video), thank you both.

The audience clapped and sang along to the whole set, which really gave us that extra oomph! We were so energized onstage, so excited, PLUS the whole thing was streamed live to the USA via ROK. It was their debut of innovative live streaming software and to be honest, it looked GREAT!!!!!

More news on that when it comes ;-)

Thanks to Arthur and Steve at the Ballroom.

Keep your eyes peeled for news on a special Christmas show, European adventures and new songs!

Much love


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