New Single and The Olympics!

First of all, before we get to all the Olympics stuff…we are very very happy to announce that our next single will be So Sofia! It will be released on 24th September along with our debut album You That Way I This Way. We are really looking forward to hearing it over the airwaves!

So after weeks of preparation and numerous trips to London and back to collect accreditation, the day had finally arrived – The Musgraves were going to perform at the London 2012 Olympics!!!!

We were so excited!! Who can say they have had this kind of opportunity?! Very few musicians!!

We were invited to perform thanks to Emerging Icons who listed us on their website and got us to “Get Votes” to qualify for the chance to perform.

Thanks to you guys (who voted for us!), we smashed the target number and secured our position at London 2012.

Team GB?!…. Team MG!!! :)

So the day started really early – we all met at Birmingham New Street for 8am to catch the train to Euston. We had to be at the Olympic Park for 11:30am and had heard how busy the tubes and London in general was, so we thought we’d allow for any delays.

The train journey was great, and so was the tube journey, to Bank and then to Leyton.

The 20min walk from Leyton to Olympic Park was horrific, weather wise! Lesley-Marie had gotten all dolled up for her Olympic adventure – hair done, eyelashes fake, the works – but the torrential rain ruined her look, tights, shoes and new dress!!! Thankfully she had brought her grandma hiking waterproof jacket (which the boys constantly make fun of) which did keep her dry (ish), but she did feel like she’d been thrown into the Aquatics Centre!

It wasn’t just LM who was frustrated by the rain, Tom and Matt B both stopped off at TK Maxx to buy umbrellas. Tom doesn’t even have much hair to protect, the rain was just that bad!

We finally made it to security to have our bags (and instruments) searched. It was under cover at least, so we stopped getting wet and had a giggle with everyone feeling our pain, but there was no way we were drying off at all! Our feet would remain wet for the rest of the day.

The Legacy Hall was our base, and we were treated like royalty with tea, coffee and free food!! Haha, that’s all musicians really care about!!

Our first set was 1pm on the Emerging Icons bandstand. It was INFLATABLE and looked like a spaceship – it was AWESOME.

The best thing about our gig was the crowd – we drew about 250 people, maybe more, and had some adorable kids dancing to our new single “The Way You Make Me Want You”. We met a fan Eleanor who had been following us on Radio 2, and also two Americans bucked up the courage to come round and get some photos taken with us.

The other best thing?……….. THE WEATHER!!! It WAS raining, but like something in a film, the Sun came out when we were on stage! It was amazing – it must have been our happy vibes and colourful melodies that made everyone feel good, and ooze good weatherness! (or, it could have been Matt B’s bright yellow jacket! hehehehe “I am the Sun” [Quote MB]).

After a great performance we got “promoted” and followed Emerging Icons to the Media Centre with new passes and performed on the press stage! Some Team China journalists were loving our music, filming us on their iPads and clapping and singing along to our new single… SO SOFIA! It will be released on 24th September along with our debut album You That Way I This Way.

We finished the day with a wander around the Park, having (the most expensive ever!!!!) pint of Heineken watching Murray win Gold, and finally sitting on Park Live Hill to watch the 100m Men’s Final just before 10pm.

We got home about 2:30am catching the midnight train home.

The most amazing thing was everyone’s spirit – the atmosphere was incredible, and during the 100m final, as the hill filled up and the adjudicator on the big screen shouted “Take Your Marks”, we heard the huge ROAR from the Olympic Stadium next to us before we even heard the gunshot on the TV – an awesome time-delay that made everything feel so real and special :)

We are so proud to have taken part in the London 2012 Olympics, and can only thank you wonderful fans and Emerging Icons for such a fantastic opportunity.

Congrats to all on TEAM GB!!!


Much love,



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