Album out in the USA NOW!!!!

Our debut album ‘You That Way, I This Way’ is available on OK Good Records in the USA now…

US Album Release!!!

‘You That Way, I This Way’. The Musgraves debut album will be released through OK! Good Records in the US on 16th April. Available from specialist record stores and online.

Exciting times!


Catch us live in the UK this month…

Friday 15th March
Barfly – Camden, London.

Saturday 16th March
Telfords Warehouse, Chester.

Friday 29th March
FRUIT-Space, Hull.

Tickets are on sale now! Visit: for full details and ticket links…

Hello America!

Our debut album, ‘You That Way, I This Way’, will be released stateside this year:

Exciting times ahead!

Merry Christmas!

…and a Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for all your support in 2012. Look out for lots of exciting developments in 2013… xx

V2 Records – Benelux

BIG NEWS!!!! V2 approached us for a deal after the success of our album sales in September, and we have finalised a contract with them.

V2 Benelux was founded by Richard Branson in 1997 as part of the V2 International group with affiliates in USA, UK, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Italy and Benelux.

In February 2007 the directors of V2 Benelux, Chris Boog and Tom Willinck, rounded off a successful management buy out together with their distributor, Bertus Distribution.

The label is hugely successful and home to Aloe Blacc, Gotye, Mumford & Sons and Simply Red to name but a few, and Last of Me will be the first single to be released on V2 in the New Year!

We hope to being jetting out to the region then too for some promo gigs, can’t wait!!!

OK! Good Records – USA

This month we secured a licensing deal with OK! Good Records. OK! Good is the indie/pop division of Radikal Records.

Radikal was established in 1990 and is one of the United States’ leading independent labels. In business for almost 20 years, they are focused on marketing, promoting, and distributing artists – not only to audiences in the USA, but also on a global basis to partners world-wide with distribution through SONY/Red Distribution.

We are really excited about it, and it means all you people across the Pond, and all those who’s surname is Musgrave (majority from the USA) will soon be able tobuy our music.  YEAY!


We returned to Birmingham for our final tour date at the Ballroom’s ‘The Other Room’.

Always a favourite show of ours and we saw all those beloved familiar faces in the front row. Our Birmingham Street team and Facebook and Twitter gang!

It was amazing to see everyone singing along, and knowing all the words!

It was the first time we properly gigged the final track on our album ‘Seventeen Days’. Usually when we have played it, people haven’t really known it, and it’s been a bit too down tempo for our hand-clapping hit factory shorter sets, but this time we had over an hour on stage, so really treated you all to a full on show! To see you nodding along, cheering when we announced our next song and singing to Seventeen Days in particular was such a wonderful experience.

We slowed things down with a bonus track “Don’t Stray” which isn’t on our album, and did extended instrumentals and alternative endings for various other songs of ours – it was great fun!

We met a lovely couple beforehand, James and Pippa from Facebook, who’d come from Stourbridge to see us, and we gave them some mugs and signed them for them.

At the end we saw another of our fans, Helen, whose album we signed. It’s always tricky at the end of shows… one, security are usually chucking people out at curfew, and two, the band are packing away and networking with everyone, so to get us all together is tough. Lesley-Marie ran and rounded us all up especially for Helen, and then searched for Helen (who had had to leave the room by order of the bouncer) and grabbed her back inside the venue to get her album signed. You all mean so much to us we like to go that extra mile to make you feel just as special.

Finally, we had a quick chat with Sophie (Birmingham super-fan who always helps us out on Facebook!) and Fiona (who had come all the way from Bristol with the most adorable space-hopping kids – see Facebook video), thank you both.

The audience clapped and sang along to the whole set, which really gave us that extra oomph! We were so energized onstage, so excited, PLUS the whole thing was streamed live to the USA via ROK. It was their debut of innovative live streaming software and to be honest, it looked GREAT!!!!!

More news on that when it comes ;-)

Thanks to Arthur and Steve at the Ballroom.

Keep your eyes peeled for news on a special Christmas show, European adventures and new songs!

Much love


Big City Radio live – the interview that almost didn’t happen!

So it had finally arrived, the last date of our Autumn tour. All the travelling, late nights and sitting in vans was finally about to end, in our favourite city, our home town of BIRMINGHAM.

Being a local show, we all got to have a bit of a lie in, apart from Matthew who had to be up early to travel over to Birmingham from Wolverhampton by train.

Each tour date was paired with radio sessions, so we had our final radio interview at 12:30 with BCR – Big City Radio – based in Aston in the Midlands. We’d not been there before so decided to drive the short distance.

All was on schedule until Matthew texted with, “Youths have stolen overhead cables. I’m stuck on the train, stopped dead – don’t know when I’ll be there! 1220 earliest”


It was 12:10 and we needed to problem solve, considering this session was LIVE! The rest of the band decided to attend the session, leaving Matthew behind. Lesley-Marie called the radio station to warn them that lead singer Matthew would be missing. Darren the DJ suggested we do a phone interview instead. He was very understanding.

Lesley-Marie called the rest of the band, “Hold your horses boys, we can do it on the phone! I’m driving to your house now”

As she set off, Matthew texts again, “The train is moving!!! I’ll be at Birmingham New Street in 10min”

It’s 12:12 now, so Lesley-Marie rings the rest of the band again to tell them that she’s going to drive to New Street Station, sit in the car park, and wait for Matthew. If he doesn’t make it in time, she will chat to BCR herself, if he does, they’ll do it together.

The clock was ticking, and there was nowhere to park at outside the train station …… 12:26, 12:27……

Then Matthew is spotted in the rear view mirror, running… “Quick get in!!!”

Lesley-Marie hands him her mobile phone and speeds out of the car park, Matthew on the phone listening to a track play LIVE before the interview…..

2mins later, we spot a side street and pull into a parking bay, and with a sigh of relief, Darren says live on air, “Welcome, the MUSGRAVES!!!!!!!!”

We did the whole interview parked up in the centre of Birmingham, with only half the band, cramped in Lesley-Marie’s car, on loudspeaker on her HTC. Haha! Only us! But we made it. It was LIVE so you can’t ‘Listen Again’ unfortunately, but it was very funny.

After the 5min chat – we turned to each other – “’At least we’ve got something for the blog!” Haha.

October Tour – Fruit, Hull!

After 4 hours sleep following our amazing London show at Barfly, we got up early, showered, got dressed and headed in the opposite direction from the night before, up to Hull in East Yorkshire!

Lesley-Marie’s Hull hometown shows are always great! We arrived early and chilled at Lesley-Marie’s parents’ house with jacket potatoes and traditional Hull ginger/treacle cake, yum yum!

She was like “knock knock”…… “Hi Dad….. the boys are here”. Hugs all round and six cups of tea in Musgraves mugs, it was a delight to be there!

We arrived at the Fruit venue and met Ian Rook, a local photographer who contacted us on Facebook. We took some light hearted shots backstage at the venue in their new (very old vintage) caravan! We look forward to getting them sent through, and will post the best up on Facebook.

It was raining outside, so the shoot outside was called off (thank god, coz it was brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!).

We were really excited to be playing with another Hullonian – ‘Sam Gray’ and his fabulous band! Sam used to play violin in the Hull Youth Orchestra when he was young (rivals of the East Riding Youth Orchestra which Lesley-Marie was a member of as a teenager). His set was great and we are now true mutual fans, and swapped albums and numbers.

Again, we saw some familiar faces, but also some new faces – pleasure to meet you all. Some fans grabbed posters from the venue and we signed them and took pics and had cuddles.

We played the whole album and did a special encore of ‘Fortune Teller’ too!

The rider backstage was the best we’ve had on this tour so far…. A special thanks goes to Howard the promoter who bought us a giant triple chocolate iced Millie’s Cookie, saying “Congratulations on the Album”. We also got a litre bottle of Jack Daniels, a wheeley bin of beers, a whole freezer of ice and a table-full of baps!

The journey home seemed to take aaaaaaaaaaaages after such a late finish. We were feeding our van driver with that KX energy drink and singing along to Motown and RnB hits of the 50’s/60’s to keep us all going.

This is another show that is high up on the ‘best ever list’ – it was a pleasure being back in the North of England in Hull and we hope to return soon.

Big thanks to Sam Gray and his band for lending Matthew a guitar string when his broke before our performance, also for their great performance!